Fortifying the Faith of our Children (Part 3 of 3)

Parents must talk of these issues constantly with their children—when they bring school assignments home, while watching TV, when traveling on vacation, etc. We must return to the concept set forth in Deuteronomy 6:7. Someone is teaching your children; if not you, then who?

We must build reliable libraries for our children. Buy them good, professionally-done books on creation, Bible inspiration, etc., from a sound, biblical vantage point. Stay away from compromising materials which attempt to harmonize the Bible with evolutionary premises, e.g., the notion that the “days” of the creation week in Genesis might represent millions of years. I can guarantee you this. If we do not do a better job of fortifying the faith of our children, we will lose them by the thousands.

Finally, and regrettably, I cannot avoid adding this notation. It once was the case that parents needed only to guard their youth’s education in secular environments. That is no longer the case. Some schools that promote themselves as “Christian” institutions are as bad (or worse) than secular universities. They are perhaps even more dangerous because they operate under the guise of being “Christian” in character. Youngsters, therefore, are disarmed in advance. Some of these so-called centers of “Christian” education are hot-beds of the rankest form of anti-biblical ideology. It is later than we think. Be careful where you send your children for their education.

Miami Gardens….. Let’s save our children.

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